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Sky seems totally off

If objects shown in SkEye seem to be totally off (for example, Sun above horizon during the night), the likely causes are:
  • Incorrect Time zone or System Time.
    The time zone should typically match your current location but that is not strictly necessary.
    It is however important that the Time zone and time match each other. For example, you may be currently in India but have a timezone set to GMT, which is fine, as long as the system time is also based on the GMT.
  • Incorrect Location (Latitude and Longitude)
    If you entered this manually, please check that the values are correct.
    Longitude: Locations to the East of Greenwich Meridian have a positive longitude, while locations to the West of Greenwich Meridian have a negative longitude.
    : Locations that are North of the equator have a positive Latitude going from 0 to +90 at the North pole. Similarly, locations South of the equator have a negative latitude going from 0 to -90 at the South pole.

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